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Welcome to our French Bulldog family.

Our experience with animals goes back to childhood.

There have always been dogs in our family homes. We started working on professional breeding when the first female came to us: Norka. It captured our hearts forever.

French Bulldogs are our life. We fell in love. This energy, joy and unconditional love was enough for us to know that we must have them. We bought one, then another, a third….

We breed healthy, home-raised and well-mannered French Bulldogs. We cordially invite you to get to know us better!

Elizabeth and Andrew

Why us in particular?

Our puppies are raised in our house, with a huge garden, they are absolutely part of our family. When they start walking, we teach them cleanliness, play, interacting with people and animals which has a huge impact on their psyche and alignment.

We do not run a cage kennel, our dogs have unlimited access to the paddocks and garden which translates into proper physical development of our Bulldogs, who are a volcano of energy and health.

We carefully select sires and bitches to ensure that our Bulldogs come from the best lines and are healthy.

Puppies from our kennel gave happiness to many families who trusted us and were not disappointed, some of them shared with us their emotions they experienced when the French Bulldog came to live in their homes – see reviews.

If you are looking for a French Bulldog well behaved and healthy, a friend for you, your children , family you have come to the right place – we are for you.

Nasza hodowla mieści się w Beskidach, gdzie w spokojnych warunkach pieski czekają na nowych właścicieli.

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We feed our Bulldogs dry food RAW PALEO PUPPY and prepare daily meals with fresh meat, vegetables and fruits.

Natural food ingredients such as honey with propolis, among others, strengthen the puppies’ immune system. Our dogs are fed based on our developed and proven menu, which guarantees the proper development of puppies and the health of adult dogs.

Puppies are issued with all mating line documents, necessary vaccinations and dewormed. They have a microchip to identify the dog, a code for registration in SAFE-Animal – an international animal database.

For the daily care of our dogs we use natural preparations Whizzopet – a brand of which we are the exclusive representative in Poland.


Constant supervision and care of our kennel is provided by the clinic “Dobry Weterynarz”, in Myslenice, which specializes in the breed. Through regular examinations, they take care of our puppies and adult dogs.

“Breeding with passion. Professional approach to reproduction, stosing to all recommendations, performing necessary examinations (as well as many additional ones) and taking care of zdrivings of all dogs. Every step of the way, efforts to take the best care of the pets and find them responsible homes where they will be full-fledged family members.”

Dr. Pawel Bandoch


Puppies are issued with a birth certificate or export pedigree, confirming the puppy’s generational line. The documents are the basis for registering your dog with a cynological club in your country.


We ship worldwide and have four shipping options:

  • in cargo to major international airports, in a temperature- and pressure-controlled room by an experienced airline;
  • with a puppy nanny who will deliver the puppy to you, and the puppy can travel with her in the cabin;
  • With a company that specializes in supplying animals;
  • deliver in person.
The dog is the only being on earth who loves you more than himself

Josh Billings


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